Norfolk House Nursery, Newport – Our Nursery Areas

Children are divided into seven groups according to age and stage of development. Each group has its own base room and the two baby groups each have their own play room, sleep room and dining room.

Baby Room

We cater for babies from 6 weeks old to 18 months old, providing them with two dedicated play, dining and sleep rooms where all the staff provide a loving and stimulating environment.

Throughout the day the babies benefit from a wide range of activities, socialising with other children, listening to songs and playing with the dedicated members of staff.

There is also plenty of space allowing the babies to fully explore all the wonderful toys provided that are specially selected to encourage movement and to stimulate their senses. Separate sleep rooms are provided where each baby will have his or her own cot with bedding washed daily. The staff to child ratio is one to three in the baby room.

Toddler Rooms

We have three separate toddler groups each having their own rooms, ranging from 18 Months to 2 and a half years, split depending on age and stage of development.

All children participate in the following daily activities:
 Learning to recognise the alphabets and numbers.
● Painting, art and craft, gluing, sticking and playing with play dough.
● Learning to sing nursery rhymes and listening to music.
● Children are also taught the practical skills of everyday life, such as dressing,
   putting their shoes on and eating skills.
Up to the age of two, the ratio of staff to children is one to three after which it rises to one to four.

Pre-pre-school Room

The Pre-pre-school room caters for children whose ages range from 2 and a half to 3 years old.

Once children are ready to move down to the Pre-pre-school room they will then continue with the activities learnt during the various stages of the toddler groups and will enhance these with new skills preparing them for Pre-School.
Up to the age of two, the ratio of staff to children is one to three after which it rises to one to four.

Pre-school Room

The Pre-school room caters for children whose ages range from 3 to 5 years old.

Activities are based on the desirable seven areas of learning:
● Knowledge and understanding of the world
● Personal, Social Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity
● Language, Literacy and Communication
● Mathematical Development
● Physical Development
● Creative Development
● Welsh Language Development

The activities are planned in partnership with an ESTYN approved link teacher thereby ensuring each child progresses through these areas of learning.

A full breakdown of areas covered can be found on the Education Programme page.

The individual needs of each child, however, are respected at all times. Care and respect are seen as key to developing the confidence and self-esteem that will prepare them for future schools.

Between the ages of 3 to 5 years, the ratio of staff to children is one to eight.